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Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup

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Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup

Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup

Details of Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup:

Neeri KFT Syrup is a perfect polyherbal regime, developed and formulated on the scientific concept, which exerts overall therapeutic activity with safety in various types of urinary disorders like urinary calculi (kidney stone), urinary tract infections and prostate associated disorders.
These extracts are the enriched sources of several phyto-constituents like arbutin, quinolone derivatives, bioflavonoids, glucosides, tannins and several micronutrients. It is used in Urinary calculi / Stone, Urinary Tract infections, Cystitis, Burning Micturition and Prostate enlargement.

Benefits of Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup:

Prevents from reoccurrence of urinary disorders.
Protects the kidney from nephrotoxic agents.
Safe on long term usage
Helps in spontaneous passage of calculi
Helps maintain the kidney functions
Acts as Nephro- protective, Anti-oxidant & Immunomodulator.

How to use Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup:

Children (3-12 Years) : 1 teaspoonful (5ml) thrice a day
Adults (Men & Women) : 2 teaspoonful (10ml) thrice a day

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Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup

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Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup

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Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup

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